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CBD, The Texas Way

We are a growing company located in Austin, TX. We manufacture dietary supplements and topical creams to aid in holistic improvements and athletic performance. We produce our products using only USDA certified organic industrial hemp and CO2 super critical extraction methods. All of our products are third party lab tested for potency and safety. We source, curate, and produce only the best ingredients for our customers and have visibility and ownership over our entire production cycle. We invite you to try our product line and experience a new way of higher living. 

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I have found that I sleep better, and that I am calmer, and that many of my multiple aches and pains have been alleviated.

Quentin K.

I find that I am just not as edgy and have not been anxious. This all happens without being sleepy; I am a big fan.

Byron A.

I have had terrible pain in my arms and hands, and after taking Lone Star Hemp 1500mg Tincture, Natural, I find that the pain is lessoned, and I can function so much better.

Shelly K.

I have been taking medication since I was a little girl for migraines, after taking Lone Star Hemp’s 1500mg tincture for a week, I have stopped taking my medication completely, I can’t believe it.

Kristi M.

I sleep so much better, it’s just not even funny.

Morgan G.

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